sábado, 30 de maio de 2009

New Model Army - ... & Nobody else

 This is a double live CD with concert versions of 26 of their all-time best. Enjoy it!!

Track  Listing:
    Disc 1
  1. Brave New World II 
  2. Snetsmore Wood 
  3. Eleven Years 
  4. Rainy Night 65 
  5. Bug Blue 
  6. Queen of My Heart 
  7. Prison 
  8. No Sense
  9. Fate
  10. The Hunt 
    Disc 2
  1. Whitelight 
  2. Over the Wire
  3. Long Goodbye 
  4. Aimless Desire 
  5. Wonderful Way to Go 
  6. Inheritance 
  7. Lust for Power 
  8. Headlights
  9. 51st State 
  10. Get Me Out
  11. No Pain
  12. Stupid Question 
  13. Here Comes the War 
  14. Living in the Rose 
  15. Modern Times 
  16. Vengeance 
'Brave new world II' - Listen: 


Peter Murphy - Alive just for love

A Live Just for Love is the fully uninterrupted set from the El Rey show in Los Angeles on November 30th during the Peter Murphy Just For Love Tour 2000, featuring Peter DiStephano from Porno For Pyros on guitar. The set also features a bonus disc, containing the entire live acoustic encore with former Bauhaus member David J from the December 1st show in Los Angeles. This supplemental disc features Who Killed Mister Moonlight, All We Ever Wanted and Hope. As another added bonus, the disc features a cover of Elvis's Love Me Tender. Enjoy it!

Track listing: 

1.01 Cool Cool Breeze 
1.02 All Night Long 
1.03 Keep Me From Harm 
1.04 Indigo Eyes 
1.05 Subway
1.06 I'll Fall With Your Knife 
1.07 Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem 
1.08 A Strange Kind Of Love 
1.09 My Last Two Weeks 
1.10 Big Love Of A Tiny Fool 
1.11 Gliding Like A Whale 
1.12 Cuts You Up 
1.13 Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It 
1.14 Angelic Harmony 

Who Killed Mr. Moonlight 
2.02 All We Ever Wanted 
2.03 Hope (Midnight Proposal) 
2.04 Love Me Tender 

'All night long' - Listen:

Back online - At last!

It's been a while since I last posted here! Blame it on my ISP which has left me with no connection for ages! Now I'm back online and hopefully will be sharing some new (or not so new - grin) tunes with you all! 

Comments are much appreciated, so if you like any of the songs shared here, please let me know :) 

terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2009

Happy birthday, Robert!

Godlike Genius

Thank you
For 30 years of beautiful music

"Sometimes you make me feel
Like I am living at the edge of the world
Like I am living at the edge of the world
'It's just the way I smile', you said"

Floating here like this with you
Underneath the stars
Alight for 13 billion years
The view is beautiful
And ours alone tonight
Underneath the stars

Spinning round and round with you
Watching shadows melt the light
Soft shining from our eyes
Into another space
Is ours alone tonight
Watching shadows melt

And the waves break
And the waves break

Whisper in my ear a wish
"We could drift away" 
Held tight
Your voice inside my head
The kiss is infinite
And ours alone tonight
"We could drift away"

Flying here like this with you
Underneath the stars
Alight for 13 billion years
The view is beautiful
And ours alone tonight
Underneath the stars

And everything gone
And all still to come
As nothing to us
Together as one
In each others arms
So near and so far
Forever as now
Underneath the stars

As the waves break

sábado, 11 de abril de 2009

The Cure - Bern - Gurtenfestival - 14.07.1995

Track Listing: 

2.Fascination Street 
3.A night like this
4.Pictures of you
6.Just like heaven
8.Jupiter crash
10.Dressing up
11.The walk
12.Let's go to bed
13.A strange day
15.Mint car
16.Friday I'm in love
17.Inbetween days
18.From the edge of the deep green sea
19.Shiver and shake
22.Close to me
23.Why can't I be you
24.Charlotte sometimes
25.Boys don't cry
26.A forest

terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2009

The Silencers - Blood & Rain: The Singles 86 - 96

Track Listing: 

1.Painted moon (blues mix)
2.I can't cry
3.I see red
4.Answer me
5.Scottish rain
6.The real McCoy
7.Razor blades of love
8.Bulletproof heart
9.I want you
10.Hey Mr bank manager
11.I can feel it
12.Cellar of dreams
13.Number one friend
14.Wild mountain thyme
15.Something worth fighting for

'Bulletproof heart' - Listen:

sábado, 4 de abril de 2009

VA- A tribute to Felt

This is a compilation of covers of Felt tracks. Some are quite good actually. Enjoy it! 

Track Listing:

1.Declaration / Riding on the Equator - Usura 
2.Primitive painters - Venus Peter
3. Don't die on my doorstep - Hulla Hoop 
4.My darkest light will shine - Le mants
5.Whirlpool vision of shame / My face is on fire - Spring 
6.Mexican bandits - Evergreen dazed 
7.I can't make love to you anymore - Rede letter day
8.Rain of crystal spires - Yeah jazz
9.Mobile shack - The pearly gatecrashers
10.I didn't mean to hurt you - Acid house kings
11.Sandman's on the rise - Vicarage garden
12.Bitter end - White town
13.Christopher St. - Automatics
14.Ballad of the band - Home and abroad 
15.Indian scriptures - Daily planet
16.She lives by the castle - Clark springs
17.Apple boutique - Los planetas
18.The final resting of the ark - Penelope trip 

'I didn't mean to hurt you' - Listen: 

U2 - Vertigo Tour - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Feb 20,2006

Track Listing: 

1.City of blinding lights
4.Until the end of the world
5.New year's day
6.I still haven't found what I'm looking for
7.Beautiful day
8.Stuck in a moment
9.Sometimes you can make it your own
10.Love and peace or else
11.Sunday bloody sunday
12.Bullet the blue sky
13.Miss Sarajevo
15.Where the streets have no name
17.Zoo station
18.The fly
19.Mysterious ways
20.With or without you
21.All because of you
22.Original of the species

sábado, 28 de março de 2009

The Cure - Live Stadspark 'Zomerpop '80 Festival'

Imaginary songs bootleg. 
Enjoy it! 

Track Listing: 

1.Three imaginary boys
2.Fire in Cairo
3.In your house
4.10:15 saturday night
5.At night
6.Jumping someone else's train - Another journey by train
8.Grinding halt
9.A forest - Forever

Love and Rockets - Earth, Sun, Moon

Track Listing: 

1.Mirror people
2.The light
3.Welcome tomorrow
4.No new tale to tell
5.Here on earth
7.Waiting for the flood
8.Rain bird
9.The telephone is empty
10.Everybody wants to go to heaven
11.Earth, sun, moon
13.Mirror people (slow version)